Memory Foam Mattress Review

There has been a massive proliferation of online mattresses over the last couple of years. Memory foam mattresses form a bulk of these mattresses since the arrival of the latest roll packing technology that makes it immensely to compress and wrap them so that they can fit in a box that can be easily shipped via UPS and FedEx. A wide range of these mattresses consist of three layers of foam and a knit ticking that comes with a zipper. Here are some of the mattresses that we have tested so far. It is quite hard to assess the quality of a mattresses without trying it out but my reviews focus on the reaction of the foam so that you get a better idea of what is coming your way.

The statistics released by Better Sleep Council reveal that almost one in every five off the American citizens sleep on a memory foam mattress.

Free trial period is an important factor that contributes to their high sale. Conventional mattress stores either charge a restocking fee or make the customer choose another of the mattresses available at their store. That does not sound to be an attractive deal because the primary reason you chose your first mattress was simply because you considered it the best on offer. And then being made to choose your second choice mattress is nothing short of excruciating.

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