Inner Spring Mattresses Review

There are numerous people out there who take a fancy to inner spring mattresses. The very first inner spring mattress was patented way back in 1865. You can view the image of a coil spring patent issued in 1952 below. The coil systems have remained the same over the course of 75 years and still offer top quality stress-relief, breathability and unmatchable bounce.

According to a research conducted by the Better Sleep Council, almost one out of four individuals sleep on a spring mattress. Of course pillow top mattresses with spring systems are not included in this estimation. If we also include them in this figure, we get the bewildering statistics of three in every five persons who sleep on spring mattreses. If we further add the newly introduced hybrid matresses which are a combination of both spring and foam mattresses, then the numbers swell to 67%, thereby enunciating that almost 3 in every 4 persons sleep on spring mattreses.

Four coil systems are being primarily used nowadays. These are:

Continuous coils with “Mira Coils” as Leggett and Platt brand name, are an inner spring framework in which the rows of coils are formed with the help of a single piece wire. Their principle of operation is based on the hinging effect which is similar to the offset coils.

Bonnell coils are the oldest and most commonly used coils. They were adapted for the first time in the nineteenth century from buggy seat springs and are still being widely used in the mattresses that fall in the price range of a middle level. Bonnell springs are knotted, round at the top and are hourglass shaped steel wire coils. They become a pretty simple unit when combined with cross wire helicals that is commonly known as the Bonnell unit.

Offset coils are similar to hourglass type ones with difference that certain parts of their upper and lower distortions have been smoothened. During the development of the inner spring unit, the flat portions of the wire are blended with the helical wires. This helps the mattress in ensuring that it adapts to individual shapes of bodies. LFK coils are offset coils without knots and boast cylindrical or column like shapes.

Marshall coils are also commonly referred to as wrapped or encased coils or pocket springs. These are sleek, barrel-shaped knotless coils that are separately enclosed in pockets or compartments of fabric which is non-woven, synthetic fiber, more often than not. Some of the manufacturers compress these coils at the outset which ensures that the mattress becomes solid and provides room for motion separation between the sides of the bed. Since the springs are not connected together, so they tend to work independently as the weight on one spring does not have any implications on the other. Almost 50% of the buyers who participated in a recently conducted survey, opted to purchase the pocket spring mattress.

Marshall coils or pocket coils are one of the most popular among the online brands that are available online as they allow the mattress to be wrapped up and shipped in a box easily. They also provide support for beds that can be modified as per requirement. Brands who thrive on inner spring mattresses also use foam in their construction and are often known as hybrid mattresses since they are a blend of both coils and foam. These hybrid mattresses possesses a great attraction for consumers who are looking to make a move from conventional spring mattresses to the novel memory foam feel.

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